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CCA MEDICAL's motto of "Service First" is exemplified in the level of customer support supplied to our clients. Our Support area is staffed by experienced personnel who provide a personal touch so valued by our clients.

Clients subscribing to software support receive 800-number telephone support along with upgrades and new versions of the software. For those who wish to communicate with Support on-line we provide access to our Support Call Tracking system named IssueTrak. With this access, clients can enter and track their own software issues. An on-line Knowledge Base is available to on-line users.

When manufacturer service contracts are not included with the hardware purchase price, we can provide clients with annual Hardware Support. This is most helpful to practices without the technical expertise to take care of their computer equipment.

On a billable basis, CCA MEDICAL can provide networking, interfacing and custom programming. For more information on our customized programming process and related documents, please select forms from the menu on the left.

CCA Statement Regarding 5010 - CCA Medical practice management software programs (both Practice Express and EHS' Practice Revolution) currently use the industry standard 4010A1 version for transactions. Both Practice Express 5.0 and Practice Revolution will be upgraded to the new 5010 version in time to begin external testing during the calendar year 2011, well in advance of the compliance deadline of 1/01/2012. Clients who maintain current monthly support payments will incur no additional cost for the software upgrades provided they are scheduled during CCA normal business hours. If you request that your upgrade be performed during evening, weekend, or holiday hours, there will be a charge for the resource's time but not the software itself. In addition, there may be some clients who require hardware upgrades in order to meet software requirements. We will contact each client to schedule the upgrade when closer to time.