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In 1979, the physicians of one South Carolina practice were seeking to streamline their medical office workflow. They turned to a former NCR marketing engineer who, at that time, headed a company specializing in custom designed software for the commercial marketplace.

To meet the challenge, a team was formed with an experienced systems engineer and programmer to create an innovative software package that improved the efficiency of the practice workflow; both a benefit to the practice and a positive experience for the patient.

The result of this effort was a new medical practice software package and a company named Carolina Computer Associates. Due to the acceptance of this new package in the medical marketplace, the decision was made to focus the company specifically on the medical market and to change the name to CCA MEDICAL.

CCA MEDICAL now provides turnkey installations of software, hardware and services to a full range of medical practices - from single practitioners to multi-physician clinics. In addition, product offerings have grown to include not only Practice Management but Electronic Medical Records and even a specialized Ophthalmic EMR.

Corporate philosophy dictates managed growth as our strategy of choice. Since "Service First" is the company motto, we manage our presence and product offerings to ensure that our clients are never outside the "reach" necessary to achieve the elevated service levels demanded by the medical practice industry.