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Given the versatility of our software products in meeting the varied requirements of medical offices, we need to point you to the best fit. Review the selections below and click on the one which most accurately describes your situation.

Our practice needs:

A fully integrated Practice Management and Electronic Medical Records system. A Point-of-Care solution to cover all aspects of the business and clinical side of the practice while seamlessly passing information between the sides.

A free-standing Practice Management software package. At this time we have no plans concerning Electronic Medical Records.

A Practice Management software package with the intent of adding Electronic Medical Records in the future. Provides the confidence of knowing that when the time is right for EMR we will not be required to change our Practice Management software in order to interface with the new clinical function.

Practice Management software to interface with our existing Electronic Medical Records. We can replace our billing package without disturbing our investment and training in EMR.

Electronic Medical Records to interface with an existing Practice Management software. Allows us to move to EMR without replacing our billing and scheduling systems.