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Best described as the building block of our system - contains all the critical functionality necessary for the operation of a medical practice office. By starting with our Silver level you will have the foundation necessary to add to your software later based on size and function requirements - additions that can be made simply by installing what you need. Our fully-integrated system makes system growth a smooth and painless procedure.

Included in Silver:

  • Appointments: Optimize physician productivity through schedule management. Encounter forms allows for posting of payments and charges at the time of check-out so responsible party accounts receivable is current as of the time the patient exits the office.
  • Accounts Receivable: Generation and maintenance of practice information related to patient charges and payments constitutes the single largest consumer of office time and attention. Automated check-in/check-out expedites patient throughput while fully integrating with the financial system for patient balances and statements.
  • Insurance Processing: Eliminate paper claims and reduce claim turnaround time through our integrated Insurance Processing that takes place as a by-product of daily financial activity. Embedded codes drive insurance without active intervention by the user.
  • Electronic Claims: Electronic transmission of claims to all insurance carriers via Per Se all-payor service will reduce rejects and improve cash flow.
  • Laser Printing Services: Eliminate having your staff print, stuff and mail your patient statements by removing this chore from your office. Neat, crisp, professional-looking statements are delivered to your patients.
  • Financial Management: Patient activity and balances are available to office staff at any point in the account activity maximizing the ability to use this information in regard to outstanding balances at check-in, at check-out and at appointment scheduling.
  • Practice Analysis: Measure profitability and identify trends using the large selection of standard reports.

Click here for detailed literature on Practice Express® Silver.