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Where Experience and Technology Meet

Practice Express® provides the medical office with the software needed for efficient and effective practice management by offering packages to resolve two important issues facing medical offices.

  • Having software that fits the needs of the moment. For example, a newly opened practice will not have the same needs as a mature practice; a single physician office will not have the same needs as a multi-physician clinic; a remote office will not have the same needs as the main practice office. Future needs can be addressed at that time rather than reducing the return on investment caused by purchasing software function that is not employed.
  • Having a growth path. The software package that is perfectly acceptable in a newly opened practice will not adequately provide for the needs generated as the practice grows in patient count, adds physicians, opens additional offices. Key to managing practice growth is a software package with a migration path that allows for expansion both in number of users and in functions employed all through a fully integrated system requiring no re-engineering to accommodate the changes.

Practice Express® is such a package:

  • A fully integrated practice management system.
  • From CCA Medical, a solid company with over 25 years in the Medical Practice Software Industry.
  • With an easy-to-use Windows graphical user interface.
  • Includes scanning capabilities to further reduce the practice's dependence on paper.
  • Backed by a full-service support and field service structure.

Practice Express® Silver includes Appointment Scheduling, Receivables, Statements and Insurance. Silver meets the basic needs of a medical practice yet with a full migration path. Learn more...

Practice Express® Gold is designed for the practice requiring a more benefit rich package where advanced Appointment Scheduling features are needed, where Collections require more finite management, when you are faced with the more comprehensive control aspects of Managed Care Reporting, Wait Time Analysis and Electronic Remittances. Learn more...