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Growth, we all strive to grow our practices yet we are seldom ready for the complications that arise with the addition of more patients, more physicians, more staff, more offices. These complications arise not only related to size but also to function; that is, new functions come into play as a result of practice growth. Practice Express® Gold includes all the features of our Silver package with the additional functionality needed to take this next step in managing your practice business.

Included in Gold:

  • Collections: Improve the collection of past due receivables through a flexible yet consistent methodology based on practice-defined rules.
  • Authorization Tracking: Be able to advise patients when pay-for-service will be required through tracking insurance company visit authorizations along with the visits consumed.
  • Advanced Scheduling: Easily schedule multiple physicians needed for a single task plus eliminate space and equipment conflicts by scheduling dependent resources. Use Appointment Recalls and Reminders to increase patient return visits.
  • Managed Care Reporting: It is unnecessary to state the importance the management and control of insurance-related revenues is to a medical practice. These reports, which are based upon data resident within Practice Express® Silver, are the tools used to evaluate the revenue generation capability of physicians, individual insurance carriers or carrier groups.
  • Wait Time Analysis: Improve staff, physician and practice efficiency (along with patient satisfaction) by proactively managing patient flow within the doors of the practice. This same wait time information will also be valuable in negotiations with managed care companies.
  • Electronic Remittances: Payment from insurance companies is electronically transferred to the practice bank account at the same time an electronic EOB is forwarded to the practice. No longer will a practice resource be tied up with accumulating and posting deposits.

Click here for detailed literature on Practice Express® Gold.